About us

Introduction of NOGALSS

NOGALSS (Non-governmental Association For Literacy Support Services) is a broad coalition of all the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working to complement government’s efforts at National, State and Local Government Areas in the eradication of illiteracy in Nigeria. It is an Umbrella Body established by the National Mass Education commission (NMEC) for all the relevant Civil Society Organizations such as NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), FBOs (Faith Based Organizations), CBOs (Community Based Organizations), PVOs (Private Voluntary Organizations) and all relevant Associations that are into Mass Literacy Delivery in Nigeria. It was formally inaugurated on July 28, 1994 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 22703.

The National Mass Education Commission (NMEC) which is a Parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) and saddled with the responsibilities to eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria, has been collaborating with individual NGOs and Stakeholders involved in Mass Literacy Delivery in Nigeria.

To make this collaboration more effective, a Body called Non-Governmental Association for Literacy Support Services (NOGALSS) is established to be Umbrella Body for all NGOs in the Delivery of Literacy and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. The Association has supporting structures in all the States of the Federation and FCT for all relevant Organizations to key into.

Our Principal Partner is the National Mass Education Commission (NMEC). We also have strong Partnership with UNESCO, ActionAid, UNICEF, USAID, CSACEFA, NNCAE, Agencies for Mass Literacy in all the 36 States of the Federation and FCT and other Agencies.

NOGALSS has Chapters in all the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT. This Body is also engaged in Advocacy, Mobilization, Information Sharing and Provision of Basic and Post Literacy Services including Continuing Education and Vocational Education.

NOGALSS support her Member-Organizations in the pursuit of their Missions in various ways most especially by helping them to be Found, be Credible and Raise Funds for their Mission.

NOGALSS also offer resources to help our registered Members by promoting educational webinars, Presentations, Lectures, Workshop or Seminar and providing relevant articles and guides, we highlight our Member-Organizations across Nigeria. Take advantage of NOGALSS Local and International Networks and many benefits available to NOGALSS.

Our Vision

To see a Society where the citizenry can read and write in at least two languages and have the capacity to access and utilize information that will be beneficial to their general wellbeing

Our Goal

Our Goal is to ensure that Education For All (EFA) is actualized in Nigeria on or before 2030.


  • To complement Government’s efforts in the provision of Functional Mass Literacy and Basic Education at all levels.
  • To assist Nigeria to achieve its target literacy level and thus ranks among the highest literate Countries of the World.
  • To partner and collaborate with relevant government agencies at all levels in order to facilitate institutional and capacity building of NOGALSS members.
  • To provide a Forum for collaboration between NGOs and PVOs, International, and National Agencies, State and Local Government for the implementation of literacy programmes.
  • To Identify and Maintain a Directory of all relevant NGOs in Nigeria.
  • To coordinate the activities of all the relevant Civil Society Organizations involved in the delivery of Mass Literacy in the Nigeria.
  • To establish States, Local Governments and Ward branches for the purpose of reaching the grassroots.

The Challenge

The rate of illiteracy in Nigeria is still very high and the need to eradicate it is very urgent. Out of 172 million people in Nigeria, over 65 million people are still illiterate! The majority of these people are women who by nature are the mothers of our children and the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow. Illiteracy is one of the deadly diseases that have eaten every fabric of our societies.

Target Audience

Our target audience are Unschooled Children, Youths and Adults who had no or abdicated the privilege of going to formal school and all who desired to know how to read and write in their local languages. Do not underestimate the power of one man/woman, when a woman is made literate, the generation shall be literate.

Our Mission

To assist Nigeria to achieve its target Literacy Level and thus rank among the highest literate Countries of the World through effective Coordination of relevant Civil Society Organizations, Advocacy, Community Sensitizations, Partnership and Collaborations, Establishment of Literacy Centres and Vocational Education/Empowerment Programmes for the Beneficiaries.

NOGALSS is her bid to make Nigeria a Literate Nation is into the following activities:

  1. Carry out series of activities that is capable of increasing Mass Literacy in Nigeria.
  2. The Leadership of NOGALSS at all levels drums up support for Adult Literacy and serve as lobby group to attract Political Will for Non Formal Education sector.
  3. Advocate through different approaches for public awareness and enrolment drive.
  4. Mobilize Members of all categories for Mass Literacy Campaigns
  5. Organize training for capacity building of Members
  6. Share periodic publications of news letters and general publicity through Electronic and Print Media.
  7. Garner general support for Mass Literacy.
  8. Give (where necessary) scholarship to encourage adult learners who wish to main stream from one program to another (i.e from Basic Literacy to Post Literacy, to continue education and vocational skill acquisitions)
  9. Enforce functional literacy by providing vocational skills and supervise skill acquisition centres for entrepreneurship and empowerment of learners.


NOGALSS is an exclusive Umbrella Body established by NATIONAL MASS EDUCATION COMMISSION (NMEC), Abuja to help NGOs, PVOs and Individuals involved in mass literacy delivery in Nigeria in the following ways:
  1. It provides a strong expansive structure down to ward level across Nigeria for all parties interested in the eradication of illiteracy in Nigeria.
  2. It offers access to UNESCO, UNICEF and several International Development Partners who recognize it as the Body assigned by the Federal Government of Nigeria through NMEC to eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria.
  3. It certifies all NGOs, PVOs and Individuals involved in Mass Literacy Delivery thus giving them the edge needed to relate effectively with relevant authorities and organizations.
  4. It offers the platform for NGOs and Non Profit Organizations as well as individuals to leverage on its awareness and fund-raising activities for their missions.
  5. It offers the opportunity to be listed in its National Directory of all functional relevant NGOs that are involved in Literacy Delivery in Nigeria.
  6. It provides guarantee to credible member seeking funds from National and International Donors, Government agencies to execute its programs.
  7. It provides opportunities for capacity building and skills acquisition for strengthening literacy centres.
  8. It will provide a forum for collaborating with Donors and Government Agencies.
  9. Its Legal Counsel provides assistance where legal services are required.
  10. Its Multipurpose Cooperative Society offers the opportunity for members to get empowerment.
  11. Its Welfare Scheme provides succor when unfortunate and unforeseen occurrences take place.
  12. Its Consultancy Unit serves as adviser to members on all aspects of running a successful mission.
  13. It offers opportunity for active members to participate in lobbying government at all levels to support Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education sector in Nigeria.

Our Programmes

Basic Literacy Class

This programme is for people who cannot read nor write at all. They will learn basically in their local languages.

Post Literacy Class

This programme is for people who can barely read or write. It is equivalent to Primary School Certificate.

Adult Secondary School

This programme is for our learners that have finished Post Literacy Class. It is the same as Secondary School in the Formal Education System.

Vocational Education/Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programmes

This programme is designed to exposed learners to their desired skills and the business they can do with available capital.

Register AN NGO

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