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NOGALSS (Non-governmental Association For Literacy Support Services) was established in May 1993 by National Mass Education Commission (NMEC), Abuja as an Umbrella Body for all NGOs and Individuals that are involved in Mass Literacy Delivery in Nigeria to complement Governments’ efforts in Literacy and Development especially at the grassroots level. NOGALSS has Chapters in all the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT. The Association also has functional committee down the line to the political ward levels of the Federation. The Principal Partner of NOGALSS is the National Mass Education Commission (NMEC). We have strong partnership with UNESCO and Agencies for Mass Education in the 36 States and FCT. *ABDUL* ‘ABDUL’, @#$%^&&**( More than sixty-five million Nigerians are illiterates and the number is rising daily. This is a glaring crisis, a national emergency, the consequences understood by many, but little concern and commitment has been shown to bring sustainable plans to stem tide.

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