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Note For Registration of Corporate Members

NOGALSS is an exclusive Umbrella Body established by NATIONAL MASS EDUCATION COMMISSION (NMEC) for all Corporate Bodies that are into Literacy and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. It is a Body that helps revolutionize the ways NGOs and Non Profit Organizations including individuals Raise Awareness, Funds and Support for their mission. Your registration with NOGALSS will help you achieve the vision and mission of your organization quickly and bring you and people of like minds together. NOGALSS also undertake to source for funds from donors and government agencies, bringing you one on one with donors. You will immensely benefit from NOGALSS Legal Forum, NOGALSS Cooperative, Membership Welfare Scheme, Consultancy Unit etc. Together, we can raise funds to carry out our missions.

NOGALSS support her Member-Organizations in the pursuit of their Missions in various ways by helping them to be Found, be Credible and Raise Funds for their Missions.

NOGALSS also offer resources to help our registered Members by promoting educational webinars, Presentations, Lectures, Workshop/Seminar and providing relevant articles and guides, we highlight our Member-Organizations across Nigeria. Take advantage of NOGALSS Local and International Networks and many benefits available to NOGALSS.

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I, whose details has been given above hereby do sincerely promise to abide by all the rules and regulations of the society and to be fully committed to regular payment of contributions.