Membership of this Organisation is open to all who believe in the Aims and Objectives of the Organisation. There are four categories of members namely; Bonafide Members, Affiliate Members, Honorary Members, Life Members.

Bonafide Members

This category of Membership is open to registered Organisations and Individuals involved in the delivery of Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria.

Affiliate Members

The NWC shall recommend membership status to reputable Corporate Bodies engaged in any aspect of Education subject to approval of NEC. This category of membership shall be known as “Affiliate Member”.

Honorary Members

The NEC shall grant Honorary Membership to any person of integrity who is a Professional, well-versed or involved in Educational activities. This category of membership shall be known as “Honorary Member”.

Life Membership

The NEC shall grant Life Membership to any member that they deem fit and deserving. This category of membership shall be known as “Life Member.”

Membership Registration:

Upon registration, acceptance or conferment of membership by NEC, a member shall be deemed to have:

  1. Accepted to abide by the provisions of NOGALSS’ constitution, policies, programs, rules and regulations, directives and decisions of the Association or any of its Organs.
  2. Accepted to promote the Aims and Objectives of the Association; loyally support its motto or philosophy and refrain from the pursuit of causes or actions detrimental or inconsistent with the objectives or interest of the Association.
  3. A member on being registered at any level of this Association shall be issued a Membership Certificate and ID-Card as appropriate.
  4. The Executives at all levels of the Association shall maintain a Register of Members.

Rights & Privileges of Members

Only regular and financial Members who have paid their dues and levies up-to-date, and who are regular at meetings and activities shall be eligible to vote and be voted for in an election or have a say in decision-making of the Association.

Every Member of the Association MUST first allow internal settlement or disciplinary provisions under NOGALSS’ constitution in any matter of dispute or grievances before instituting action in any Institution or Court of Law.

Termination of Membership

A Member of the Association automatically ceases to be a member upon the occurrence of the following:

  1. If a member resigns voluntarily from the Association.
  2. Upon expulsion of any of the member in accordance with the laid down procedure of the Association
  3. Upon the winding-up or dissolution of the Association.

Membership Fees

  1. A person who wishes to be a Member shall pay registration and annual subscription fees agreed upon by the NEC to be used for the wellbeing of the Organisation.
  2. Levies passed by the Association shall be payable by such a Member.


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