NOGALSS National President's Column

NOGALSS National President's Column

A literate Nigeria is possible. Be a part!!!

Mr. Noah O. Emmanuel
It is with great sense of duty and service we welcome you to NOGALSS Official Website!

Non-Governmental Association For Literacy Support Services (NOGALSS) is a broad coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working to complement government’s efforts at National, State and Local Government Areas in the delivery of Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. It is an Umbrella Body established through National Mass Education Commission (NMEC) for all the relevant Civil Society Organisations, namely: NGOs (Non-Governmental Associations), FBOs (Faith Based Organisations), CBOs (Community Based Organisations), PVOs (Private Voluntary Organisations), all relevant Associations and Individuals that are into the delivery of Mass Literacy and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. It was established in May, 1993, formerly inaugurated July 28, 1994. NOGALSS is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the RC: 22703.

NOGALSS as the Apex/Umbrella Body is primarily responsible for the coordination of all the relevant Civil Society Organisations that are into Mass Literacy and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. NOGALSS is also responsible for identification and maintenance of the National Directory of all relevant Organisations that are into Mass Literacy and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria.

NOGALSS envision a Nigeria with all round Literacy and Development down to the grassroots level. We see a Society where the citizenry can read and write in at least two languages and have the capacity to access and utilize information that will be beneficial to their general wellbeing and self-reliance.

We are represented in the six geopolitical zones and down to the Ward Level across the country. We complement efforts of National Mass Education Commission in her bid to eradicate illiteracy and promote Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. We are into partnership with Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education in the 36 states and FCT, relevant Government Agencies, UNESCO and other Development Partners.

NOGALSS support her Member-Organizations in the pursuit of their Missions in various ways most especially by helping them to be Found, to be Credible and Raise Funds for their Mission. We facilitate Institutional and Capacity building of our registered Members.

NOGALSS also offer resources to help our registered Members by promoting educational webinars, Presentations, Lectures, Workshop or Seminar and providing relevant articles and guides, we highlight our Member-Organizations across Nigeria. Take advantage of NOGALSS Local and International Networks and many benefits available through NOGALSS.

If your Passion is to see a Literate Nigeria and promote self-reliance, we therefore, call on you to join NOGALSS. Membership is open to all that believe in our Aims and Objectives.


A Literate Nigeria is a task that must be achieved and therefore, all hands must be on deck to produce a Literate Nigeria.

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