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our committees


The following Standing Committees play critical roles in NOGALSS’ operations, facilitating effective governance, coordination, resource mobilization, program implementation, and organizational development. They ensure that NOGALSS remains resilient, accountable, and responsive to the needs of its members, partners, governments, donors, and stakeholders in the Non-Formal Education Sector.

  1. NOGALSS Presidential Taskforce on Structure and Evaluation:This committee is responsible for assessing and enhancing the organizational structure of NOGALSS. It conducts evaluations to identify areas of improvement, recommends structural changes, and ensures the efficient functioning of the organization at all levels.
  2. NOGALSS National Literacy Committee: This committee focuses on promoting literacy initiatives and programs within NOGALSS. It develops literacy strategies, identifies best practices, and supports the implementation of literacy projects across different regions, empowering individuals with the foundational skills for lifelong learning.
  3. NOGALSS National Programmes and Project Committee: This committee is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of NOGALSS’ programs and projects. It ensures alignment with organizational goals, monitors progress, and evaluates the impact of initiatives to drive positive change in the Non-Formal Education Sector.
  4. NOGALSS National Committee on Contacts, Partnerships, and Resource Mobilizations: This committee focuses on establishing and nurturing strategic contacts and partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, donor organizations, and other NGOs. It plays a crucial role in mobilizing resources, securing funding opportunities, and fostering collaborations to support NOGALSS’ initiatives.
  5. NOGALSS National Disciplinary Committee: The role of this committee is to enforce discipline and maintain ethical standards within the organization. It handles complaints, conducts investigations, and takes appropriate disciplinary actions when necessary, ensuring that members adhere to NOGALSS’ code of conduct and values.
  6. NOGALSS National Peace and Arbitration Committee: This committee promotes peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and arbitration within NOGALSS. It provides a platform for resolving disputes and conflicts amicably, fostering harmonious relationships among members, and maintaining a peaceful environment within the organization.
  7. NOGALSS National Welfare Committee: The welfare committee focuses on the well-being of NOGALSS members, ensuring their needs, rights, and interests are catered for. It provides support systems, organizes welfare programs, and addresses issues related to the welfare and welfare of members.
  8. NOGALSS National Protocol Committee: This committee is responsible for managing protocols and official ceremonies during NOGALSS events, meetings, and engagements. It ensures proper etiquette, protocol arrangements, and the smooth flow of activities, representing NOGALSS with professionalism and dignity.
  9. NOGALSS National Legal Forum: The legal forum serves as a platform for legal discussions, consultations, and advice within NOGALSS. It provides legal guidance, addresses legal issues faced by the organization, and ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  10. NOGALSS National Committee on Security and Intelligence: This committee focuses on the safety and security of NOGALSS members, assets, and activities. It assesses security risks, develops security protocols, and collaborates with relevant security agencies to ensure the protection of NOGALSS' interests.
  11. NOGALSS National Committee on Media and Publicity: This committee handles the organization's media relations, publicity, and communication strategies. It disseminates information about NOGALSS' activities, achievements, and initiatives through various media channels, raising awareness and promoting the organization's image.
  12. NOGALSS National Finance and Fundraising Committee: This committee oversees the financial management of NOGALSS. It develops financial policies, monitors budgets, and ensures transparency and accountability in financial transactions. Additionally, it spearheads fundraising efforts, seeking funding opportunities and diversifying financial resources for the organization.
  13. NOGALSS National Committee on Hall of Fame Educational Award: This committee recognizes and celebrates outstanding individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of education and literacy. It manages the selection process, organizes award ceremonies, and preserves the legacy of those honored in the NOGALSS Hall of Fame.
  14. NOGALSS National Committee on Wealth Creation and Empowerment: This committee aims to empower individuals and communities through wealth creation initiatives. It identifies opportunities, develops entrepreneurship programs, and provides support systems to enhance economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods.
  15. NOGALSS National Extended Management Committee: This committee brings together heads of various committees, Board of Trustees members, national officers, focal points, and department heads, along with the National Secretariat, for monthly meetings. It serves as a platform for collaboration, information sharing, and decision-making, ensuring the effective coordination of NOGALSS’ activities at the national level.
  16. NOGALSS Leadership Strategic Committee: This committee serves as a forum for heads of committees and departments to meet bi-weekly. It provides a space for strategic discussions, coordination, and alignment of efforts across different functional areas, fostering synergy and ensuring the efficient implementation of NOGALSS’ strategies and plans.
Exciting news! These standing committees are replicated across all levels of our organization. This means that committees will be established at the zone, state, LGA, and ward levels for better coordination and governance.
By replicating the committees, we aim to enhance our network's collaboration, information sharing, and decision-making processes. This will strengthen our capacity to serve members, partners, governments, donors, and stakeholders in the Non-Formal Education Sector. Together, let's build a stronger and more impactful NOGALSS at every level


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