On the 20th of November every year, the world comes together to celebrate World Children's Day! It is a day dedicated to the young voices that will shape our future, a day to recognise and uphold children's rights. World Children's Day at its core,  stands for one fundamental belief – the right of every child to quality education. This year, the theme is ‘For Every Child, Every Right’, and one organisation that has been committed to ensuring access to equitable education for underserved children in Nigeria is Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation.

KIR Foundation's Commitment to Quality Education:

KIR Foundation has been significantly impacting the lives of underserved children, particularly in public and community primary schools across Nigeria. In 2022, the KIR Foundation implemented a  Back-to-School Project in commemoration of World Children's Day,  with the support of 104 passionate volunteers and empowered over 1,777 underserved pupils in 29 public and community primary schools in 21 states with educational supplies.

These educational materials, although might seem basic to you, but to a child from a low-income family whose parents cannot afford them, they are means to effective learning and active interaction in school which are fundamental for quality education and the passport to a  bright future. Just imagine 300 underserved children's faces lighting up with the gift of a backpack filled with educational treasures: a Longman Primary Dictionary,  pens, rulers,  pencils, sharpeners, and a dozen exercise books. It is the kind of support that goes a long way in breaking the cycle of poverty and providing children with the opportunities they deserve!

World Children's Day 2023: A Bigger Vision

This year 2023, KIR Foundation is taking its commitment to ensuring equitable access to quality education for underserved children in Nigeria and promoting their right to: learn, dream, develop, succeed and thrive a step further. KIR Foundation with your investment will reach 500 children in the underserved public and community primary schools where they have set up Reading Corners across Nigeria. These Reading Corners are more than just physical spaces; they are sanctuaries of knowledge and imagination;  a place where children explore the world through the pages of books.

How You Can Make a Difference

The beauty of World Children's Day is that it is not about a single organisation; it is a movement that brings the global community together for our future; ‘our children’! You too, can be a part of this wonderful movement when you ‘Stand up for Children's Right to Quality Education’. Here is how:

1. Financial Support: Your contribution of #10,000 can provide school supplies, a backpack, and a storybook for an underserved child by ensuring he/she has the tools they need to learn effectively.

2. In-Kind Donations: If you have school supplies, backpacks, new or gently used storybooks, or any educational materials, your donations can make a significant impact on the lives of these children.

3. Volunteer Engagement: Consider involving your employees or members. Their time and expertise can be invaluable in various project activities.

4. Promotion and Awareness: Help KIR Foundation reach a wider audience and garner more support by promoting the project and raising awareness about its mission on social media.

Remember, every little bit counts, and together we can create a brighter future for underserved children. KIR Foundation will acknowledge your involvement in the project on its various social media platforms, making your support visible to the world.

This World Children's Day, let us unite to Stand up for Children's Right to Quality Education. Indeed!  It is a day to celebrate, a day to advocate, and a day to make a real difference. Join the KIR Foundation and be a part of this life-changing movement for future generations. Let us give children from low-income families the opportunities they deserve, and ensure that every child has the right to quality education.

To discuss your involvement and support, please contact KIR Foundation at info@kirfoundation.org or WhatsApp/Call +2348171988475.

Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of underserved children. Stand up for Children's Right to Quality Education this World Children's Day and beyond!