Cooperative ByLaw

Object of NOGALSS Cooperative Society

NOGALSS Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited is born out of passionate desire to make people wealthy for the purpose of eradicating illiteracy in Nigeria. NOGALSS (Non-Governmental Association for Literacy Support Services) is an umbrella body for all NGOs and Individuals that are involved in mass literacy delivery in Nigeria. It is an umbrella body established by NATIONAL MASS EDUCATION COMMISSION (NMEC), Abuja to supplement government’s efforts in the provisions of functional literacy. It is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 22703. The major essence of this cooperative society is to access fund from International Development Partners (IDPs), Development Banks, Governments and other relevant bodies to empower cooperative members both NOGALSS Members and the Learners. You are welcome to the platform of NOGALSS Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society as you start your journey into wealth creations.

  • Membership is open to all NOGALSS Members and Associates through registration via the application form.
  • NOGALSS Associates must be introduced to the cooperative by a registered and active member.
  • Cooperators contribution must not be less than N1,000.00 (One thousand naira) only per month.
  • Withdrawal of membership is with a notice of not less than three (3) months with a written application to the Chairman of Cooperative
  • A member that withdraws his/her membership is only entitled to the extent of his/her contribution and the dividend to the date that the withdrawal takes effect.

Membership Category
  • PRIME Contribute Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) and Above Monthly.
  • GOLDEN Contribute Below Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) but Minimum of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) Monthly.
  • STANDARD Contribute Below Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) but Minimum of One Thousand Naira (N1,000) Monthly.
Leadership Structure
  1. The National Leadership of the Cooperative shall be appointed by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of NOGALSS. Those who are knowledgeable, skilled and have ability to groom the cooperative to full maturity and to facilitate the collaborations and partnership with financial institutions and donor agencies.
  2. The State Leadership of the cooperative shall be appointed by the State Executive Council of NOGALSS subject to the ratification of the Leadership at the National. The State Leadership of the Cooperative shall take instructions from the National Leadership.
  3. The Leadership of the Senatorial Districts and Local Government Areas shall be the replicate of the State Leadership and shall take directives from the State Leadership of the Cooperative.
  4. The State Leadership of the cooperative shall have supervisory roles over the zonal and local government cooperative.
  5. The National Leadership of the cooperative shall equally have the power to investigate and check the records of the zonal and local government cooperatives whenever the need arises.
Credit Facilities/Entitlement
  1. Members shall be entitled to co-operative loan facilities after a period of 6 months; all other conditions being favourable. The loan volume is twice the saved deposit.
  2. The loan beneficiaries shall be active members who are up to date financially.
  3. The interest rate of the loan shall be five percent (5%) for the period of nine months.
  4. The loan periods shall not exceed period of nine months from the date of disbursement.
  5. Loan default attracts a surcharge of ten percent (10%) of the outstanding principal within the period of the first six months. Then twenty percent (20%) surcharge after six months till when the loan will be repaid.
  6. The Cooperative shall respond to your financial emergency through soft loan repayable within ninety (90) days.
  7. The loan beneficiary must have two guarantors, one of which must be a member of the cooperative.
  8. The guarantor will be compelled to repay the loan upon twelve (12) months default of loan beneficiary.
  9. Peradventure a member dies and he/she is not indebted to the cooperative, his/her contribution shall be paid to the Next of Kin. However, if he/she is indebted to the cooperative, his/her capital shall be used to pay back the debt to the cooperative. Where the capital available cannot accommodate the indebtedness, the executives will meet and communicate the family or Next of Kin.
  10. There shall be a committee of five (5) persons (subject to upward review) for loan affairs (approval, disbursement & recovery).
  11. A loan beneficiary shall not be allowed to withdraw his/her membership until the loan is fully paid with the interest.
Bank Account
  • The Cooperative shall maintain account with First Bank Plc and other viable financial institutions within Nigeria.
  • As much as it is possible, the cooperators shall pay their contributions to the bank directly and forward the tellers for update of passbooks.
  1. The cooperative shall pay a dividend after a period of twelve (12) calendar months from income generated within the period; and thus shall continue annually.
  2. The Cooperative shall undertake business development plans.
  3. The Cooperative shall undertake to seek for credit facilities from development banks and disbursed to eligible cooperative members.
  4. The Cooperative shall also undertake to seek for fund from International Development Partners (IDPs).
  5. The cooperative shall stand as guarantor for active members when desirous of accessing facilities from financial institutions.
  6. The cooperative can partner with you to actualize your business plan.
  7. All active members can access the cooperative loans with minimal interest.

NOGALSS MEMBERSHIP WELFARE We the members of Non-Governmental Association For Literacy Support Services, (NOGALSS) having firmly and solemnly resolved to live in love and unity hereby agree to take care of members welfare activities for the purpose of promoting the spirit of collective aspiration in NOGALSS.

The Objectives of NOGALSS MEMBERSHIP WELFARE is to demonstrate love among NOGALSS members whenever he/she is in need.

Membership shall include all interested NOGALSS members who are duly registered that are financially up to date to the welfare scheme.The Objectives of NOGALSS MEMBERSHIP WELFARE is to demonstrate love among NOGALSS members whenever he/she is in need.

Motto: Making People Wealthy to Eradicate Illiteracy/poverty