Cooperative Note


As part of the resolutions of The National Executives Council to foster a cohesive bond and help to enlarge the financial base of its members and associates, a Body Cooperative was evolved as NOGALSS Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. This body shall be run under a separate management but subservient to the NOGALSS National Executive Council for direction. It is no more a news that illiteracy and poverty go together. The primary objective of NOGALSS Cooperative is to improve the economic condition of rural and urban areas by assisting individuals and businesses in the start-up, expansion or operational improvement of rural cooperatives and other mutually-owned businesses and farming through NOGALSS. This platform is for Creation of Wealth for the purpose of eradication of illiteracy/poverty in Nigeria. …touching lives and empowering people.

This Cooperative has all it takes to access funds from International Development Partners (IDPs), Development Banks, Governments and other relevant bodies for it to be disbursed to the her members for empowerment.

Object of NOGALSS Cooperative Society

The NOGALSS Cooperative is a product of 2018 National Council On Education held at the International Conference Center, Abuja-FCT with the theme: FUNDING OF EDUCATION FOR ACHIEVEMENT OF EDUCATION 2030 AGENDA, that all Education Stakeholders should think out of the box to fund education. We as the umbrella body of relevant NGOs in Adult, Non-Formal and Skills Acquisition formed NOGALSS Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. NOGALSS Cooperative is registered and partnering with National Cooperative Financing Agency of Nigeria (CFAN) and other relevant bodies to enable us access interventions from federal government, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Banks and other development partners for all our members and leaners’ financial and economic empowerment. It is a known fact that one of the major causes of illiteracy is poverty occasioned by the inability to access funds for economic activities. By this, we are enlisting and preparing our desirous members for CBN financial inclusion. As part of NOGALSS Cooperative contribution to literacy development, every member of the cooperative contributes N1,200.00 annually. Also, 25% of the surplus of annual profit is earmarked for literacy development. Furthermore, NOGALSS in collaboration with FCT Department For Mass Education, have started enlisting our adult skilled learners and preparing them for CBN financial inclusion.

NOGALSS Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited is born out of passionate desire to make people wealthy for the purpose of eradicating illiteracy in Nigeria. As much as it is important to train people for various skills, it is much more important to empower them financially for self-reliance. NOGALSS Multipurpose Cooperative Society is a veritable platform to reduce unemployment to a barest minimum. Every member of NOGALSS Cooperative has access to finance for economic activities.


  • Membership is open to all NOGALSS Members and Associates through registration via the application form.
  • NOGALSS Associates must be introduced to the cooperative by a registered and active member.
  • Cooperators contribution must not be less than N1,000.00 (One thousand naira) only per month.
  • Withdrawal of membership is with a notice of not less than three (3) months with a written application to the Chairman of Cooperative
  • A member that withdraws his/her membership is only entitled to the extent of his/her contribution and the dividend to the date that the withdrawal takes effect.

Membership Categories

Account Details

  • Bank First Bank
  • Account No 2032926947


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NOGALSS has its arms open welcoming anyone who wishes to be a part of the war against illetracy in Nigeria through their free will donations.
Donations can be made to:
Association For Literacy Support
Account Number: 2023917260
First Bank

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Donations can be made to:
Association For Literacy Support
Account Number: 2023917260
First Bank

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